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a case of Arsenicum iodatum

One of my very first cases was a woman who had a very severe depression that came from a long history of being suppressed by her family. I gave her Staphisagria and she had a very good reaction. She came out of the depression, but after the depression she developed a strong anxiety.
 - Coming on at night, especially around 1 or 2 a.m. 
 - Getting up. She would get up out of the bed with a tremendous anxiety and she would have to go around the house cleaning it (the floors, the bathroom etc.); putting everything in order. She would do this until about 2 or 3 a.m.  and finally she would be able to fall asleep again.

 She had a very high sex drive. She was extremely hot blooded, sweating and had the window open constantly. She was extremely restless, she could hardly sit still anymore.
 This was a case which originally had to be Arsenicum and yet you can't make it be Arsenicum, because she is so hot. So we put the iodium element on and we find a prescription for Arsenicum iodatum. I didn't find this remedy myself, I gave Arsenicum album and Sulphuricum acidum without effect. I took the case with me to a conference where Vithoulkas was and read him the case. He said: "You tried Arsenicum?" I said: "Yes." He: "So it must be Arsenicum iodatum." I gave the remedy and she was immediately relieved.


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