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Antim crud patient dreams

Boenninghausen's Pocket Book gives, under the heading 'dreams of festivities' only one drug, i.e.   Antim. crud.  
 I remember the case of a school going boy aged about 13 years who had been suffering from fever for 18 days before he came to me for my free homeopathic treatment. About 20 days back, the boy had taken too much meat at night. Next morning he had a series of purging and vomiting, which had been controlled by the administration of Sulpha drugs, but on the third day in the morning the boy developed fever symptoms. The fever would come at about 12-30 in the afternoon, would rise up to 3-0 p.m.   and gradually decrease, as night would advance, but this would re-appear at about 1-0 or 1-30 a.m.   at night, rise up to 5 - 0 a.m. .  in the morning and would disappear at 6-30 in the morning.  

 Temperature would rise up to 102° F to 103° F. During fever the boy would almost come to a state of delirium. Terrible headache was present. During the fever he would want sips of cold water at frequent intervals. Great burning of the entire body was present which was better by covering the body. There was no constipation and appetite was almost lost. From the 5th day, the boy was under the treatment of a homeopathic doctor. Nux vomica had been administered in 30 and 200 potencies and Carbo veg. in 6, 30 and 200 potencies by the homeopathic doctor but to no effect. On hearing the above symptoms I was sure that Arsenic would be the proper remedy inasmuch as all the characteristic symptoms of Arsenic were present. The patient was, at that time, at a distance of about two miles from my house and I had no occasion to examine the patient myself. But being sure of Arsenic, I administered a single dose of Arsenic 30 and 3 doses of placebo. Next day I was expecting news of improvement of the case when the father of the boy told me that there was absolutely no improvement, I was surprised at the failure of Arsenic 200 and 3 doses of placebo to taken 3 hourly. Next day, the father reported that the condition was much worse and there was no improvement. Further interrogation revealed only the symptoms of Arsenic, and I was really surprised as to how and why Arsenic did not work. While I was turning over the pages of materia medica, the father of the patient told me that he had something peculiar to say. On being asked as to what it was, the father of the boy reported to me that the boy in his delirium was only speaking about festivities and on being asked, in the morning, the boy was telling his father that for last seven days he had been continuously dreaming that he was witnessing the Durga Puja festival in the town. He was dreaming that he was moving about on the roads seeing the festival and enjoying merry makings with his friends. Definitely this was a very queer symptom and on making a reference to Boenninghausen's Pocket Book, I found under the heading "dreams of festivities" a single drug, i.e.   Antim. crud.  

 But in this case no symptom of Antim. crud. was present and I had not personally examined the patient. I asked the father of the boy to bring the patient to me. On examining the boy, to my utter surprise, I found a thick milky white coating on the tongue of the boy and as this is the characteristic symptom of Antim. crud. I decided to give Antim. crud. 30, four doses, taken 3 hourly, really produced miraculous results, inasmuch as on that day fever went up to only 90°F in day time and there was no fever at night. A single dose of Antim. crud. 200 effected a complete cure. The fever disappeared and along with it the dreams of festivities also disappeared. In this particular case all the characteristic symptoms of Arsenic were present; but Arsenic failed to give any relief. The dreams of festivities had led me to the selection of this remedy, which had resulted in a very miraculous recovery, and in fact I had never expected such a speedy recovery.  


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