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Sometimes the digestive system becomes contaminated or goes out of order. The nourishing ingredients of food don't reach the body properly which makes the animal weaker day by day. It loses appetite, thirst increases, sometimes the animal begins licking clay; thorn-like sores appear in the mouth, stool becomes colorful, thin, less in quantity and it passes with great difficulty. Animal becomes inactive.
 Homeopathic treatment
 Nux vomica
 There is no other medicine better than this for constipation. When the animal is suffering from constipation and diarrhea both, undigested fodder comes out along with faeces, there is absence of chewing, the animal has become weak, it passes less urine.

 Arsenicum album

 If the animal suffers from diarrhea, the stool is thin and putrid, it feels thirsty, the eyes have sunk down, no distension of stomach, it feels restless, the use of this medicine is beneficial.
 Loose stools, distension of stomach all the time, rumbling sound in stomach, the animal remains seated due to its inactivity, passes loose stool with a sound all of a sudden. If these are the symptoms, give this medicine.
 Pulsatilla pratensis
 The animal is passing loose stools because of heavy or nourishing food, the animal has eaten more 'khal' or drunk more oil or ghee, and its digestion has gone out of order due to these reasons.
 In case none of the above-mentioned medicines give relief, use thismedicine in the end. The animal usually gets relief from this medicine. If the animal is passing putrid loose stools with force, there is a distension of stomach, it has been suffering for the last many days, then the use of this medicine will prove beneficial.
 Besides these, the use of Carbo Veg, Aloe, Lycopodium and China is also gainful.


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