homeopathy research materiel for doctors and students

Headache, motion aggravates. Chronic eruptions, with pustules on the head. Violent burning in the eyes. Discharges of cadaverous odor from the ears. Watery discharge causing burning and smarting in the nostrils. Cancerous ulcers on the face. Eruptions, sores and ulcers on mouth or lips. Thirst, drinks often but little at a time. Frequent vomiting. Vomiting immediately after eating. Heat and burning in the pit of the stomach. Diarrhoea after chilling the stomach by food or drink. Ill effects of cold water or ice cream. Haemorrhages from bowels, dark and offensive. Asiatic cholera with watery discharges. Sudden catarrh threatening suffocation at night. Difficult breathing. Tightness of chest. Agonizing heart pains. Trembling limbs; violent starting while falling asleep. Very rapid sinking of strength. Dreams full of care, sorrow and fear. Eruptions, pimples, carbuncles, cancers, homeopathy lupus. Bad effects from tobacco chewing, quinine or alcohol. Bites of animals. Sudden and extreme debility, burning pans and bad eruptions. Haemorrhoids, with burning, like fire. 


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