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Corvus corax The homeopathic proving

(Plain type indicates one prover, italic indicates two provers, bold indicates three or more provers)
 Unique remedy symptom rubrics
 ABSORBED; in her own closed world
 ANGER, irascibility; with frustrated efforts
 ANXIETY; defend, when she needed to, herself
 DELUSIONS; body; enlarged; in chest area, as if ribs bowed out
 DELUSIONS; dark; things looked, as if less light in the world
 DELUSIONS; defenseless, feels she is, with panic and homeopathic anxiety remedies
 DELUSIONS; floating in a higher dimension
 DELUSIONS; protect, she must, herself

 DELUSIONS; queen, she is like a
 DELUSIONS; smell; wet animal fur
 DELUSIONS; space, as if in
 DELUSIONS; space; empty space inside skull at root of nose
 DELUSIONS; wind, she is pushed back and forth by a strong
 DELUSIONS; worlds, she is on the divide between two worlds
 DESPAIR; of the beauty and life destroyed by humans
 DISCONTENTED, displeased, dissatisfied; frustrated efforts with sadness and agitation
 DREAMS; anger; at family
 DREAMS; animals; lion, resembling a tiny, feeding on garbage and glowing from slime
 DREAMS; anxious; packing to go home
 DREAMS; bird, a beautiful flying
 DREAMS; breaking glass
 DREAMS; buildings; crumbling
 DREAMS; concrete; cold, hard
 DREAMS; danger to animals
 DREAMS; danger to children
 DREAMS; dark and dirty, felt she was
 DREAMS; dogs; bitten, by, of being; its mouth like a beak
 DREAMS; dying, she could not save a woman who was
 DREAMS; father
 DREAMS; frightful, without fear
 DREAMS; fields, woods, and wilderness
 DREAMS; houses; beautiful
 DREAMS; houses; damaged
 DREAMS; killing, a black parrot
 DREAMS; lying, not telling the truth
 DREAMS; magician's apprentice, she was a
 DREAMS; mountain climbing
 DREAMS; nature, of pristine, ruined by man
 DREAMS; people, of; in mobs, furious and looting
 DREAMS; playing a game
 DREAMS; poisonous smoke, an oil refinery belching out clouds of
 DREAMS; safeguarding others
 DREAMS; singing
 DREAMS; smugglers
 DREAMS; spell, she was put under a
 DREAMS; spiders; scorpions
 DREAMS; mocked, of being
 DREAMS; pinched, of being
 DREAMS; shrieking, yelling, shouting
 DREAMS; teaching
 DREAMS; threatening to kill herself
 DREAMS; torture
 DREAMS; trespassed upon, she is
 DREAMS; undercover, she is an FBI agent
 PLEASURE; in eating; tasting, smelling, and biting food
 SENSITIVE, oversensitive; noise, too; of crows
 SENSITIVE, oversensitive; odors, to; of menstrual blood
 SHRIEKING, screaming, shouting; rage, with; at injustices, ugliness and death
 SLEEPLESSNESS; thoughts, from; of revenge and anger
 SYMPATHETIC, compassionate; animals; skunks
 TRANQUILLITY, serenity, calmness; alternating with cough
 SLOW; circling
 Head pain
 PRESSING; in waves
 ELONGATED sensation
 OPEN sensation
 NAUSEA; beer; amel.
 ECHO, like an; over and over
 CHEST; CONSTRICTION; sadness, with
 FORCING out; from lungs
 HEAT; lungs, sensation of, in
 HEAVINESS; lungs, sensation of
 LUNGS; sponge, as if lungs were a, water would run out
 Extremity pain
 UPPER LIMBS; Shoulder; extending to; arm; left
 FOOD and drinks; green foods, desire for
 Common remedy symptom rubrics
 ACTIVITY; hyperactive
 ACTIVITY; prostration, with physical
 AILMENTS from; business; losses
 AILMENTS from; excitement; emotional, general symptoms from
 ANGER, irascibility
 ANGER, irascibility; anxiety, with
 ANGER, irascibility; easily
 ANGER, irascibility; himself, with
 homeopathic anxiety remedies
 ANXIETY; morning; waking; on
 ANXIETY; anger; during
 ANXIETY; body, felt in
 ANXIETY; breathing; difficult, with
 ANXIETY; dyspnea, in
 ANXIETY; excitement, from
 ANXIETY; headache, with
 ANXIETY; health, about
 ANXIETY; hurry, with
 ANXIETY; nervous
 ANXIETY; others, for
 ANXIETY; trifles, about
 ANXIETY; trifles, about; things coming near him, especially of
 AWARENESS heightened
 BITING; nails
 CARES, worries; full of
 COMPANY; desire for
 CONCENTRATION; difficult; morning
 COUNTRY, desire for
 DEATH; dying, feels as if
 DEATH; thoughts of
 DELIRIUM; staring, with
 DELUSIONS; arms; separated, from body
 DELUSIONS; body; separated, as if body or thoughts were
 DELUSIONS; bugs and cockroaches, of
 DELUSIONS; calls; someone
 DELUSIONS; danger; impression of
 DELUSIONS; deceived, being
 DELUSIONS; eyelashes are enlarged
 DELUSIONS; hand, hands; separated from body
 DELUSIONS; head, heads; separated from body, is
 DELUSIONS; poison, of
 DELUSIONS; time; space, and, lost or confused
 DISCONTENTED, displeased, dissatisfied
 DREAMS; accidents, of; crash of plane
 DREAMS; amorous
 DREAMS; anger
 DREAMS; animals
 DREAMS; animals; wild
 DREAMS; animal fur
 DREAMS; anxious
 DREAMS; beaten, being
 DREAMS; blood; bleeding, that she is, in menorrhagia
 DREAMS; boyfriend, of; old
 DREAMS; bugs
 DREAMS; business, of
 DREAMS; children, about
 DREAMS; cleaning
 DREAMS; crimes; committing
 DREAMS; conspiracies
 DREAMS; cruelty
 DREAMS; cutting; knife, of being cut with a
 DREAMS; danger
 DREAMS; danger; escaping from a
 DREAMS; dead; bodies
 DREAMS; dead; people, of; friends; talking with deceased friends
 DREAMS; devils
 DREAMS; disgusting
 DREAMS; dogs
 DREAMS; dying
 DREAMS; eating
 DREAMS; escape, of
 DREAMS; explosion
 DREAMS; family, own
 DREAMS; fights
 DREAMS; fire
 DREAMS; fishes
 DREAMS; flowers
 DREAMS; flying
 DREAMS; friends; old
 DREAMS; guns; shots
 DREAMS; hiding from danger, of
 DREAMS; high places
 DREAMS; horses
 DREAMS; Indians, that he is among
 DREAMS; injuries
 DREAMS; jealousy
 DREAMS; magic
 DREAMS; music
 DREAMS; nakedness, about
 DREAMS; noise; loud
 DREAMS; people, of; assembled
 DREAMS; people, of; black
 DREAMS; prisoner; being taken a
 DREAMS; pursued by, of being
 DREAMS; rape; threats of
 DREAMS; repeating
 DREAMS; revolution
 DREAMS; running; after someone
 DREAMS; sad
 DREAMS; stealing
 DREAMS; suicide
 DREAMS; threats
 DREAMS; war
 DREAMS; water; waves, of high
 DREAMS; wounded, of being
 DREAMS; wrong; doing
 EMOTIONS; easily excited
 ESCAPE, attempts to; run away, to
 FEAR; death, of; angina pectoris, in
 FEAR; death, of; heart symptoms, during
 FEAR; death, of; respiratory problems, with
 FEAR; dying, of
 FEAR; poisoned; of being
 FEAR; sleep; go to, to; lest; nightmare, he would have a
 FORSAKEN feeling
 FREEDOM remarkable, in doing what he had to do
 GRIEF; silent
 HELPLESSNESS, feeling of
 HURRY, haste; occupation, in
 IMPATIENCE; trifles, about
 INDOLENCE, aversion to work
 INDOLENCE, aversion to work; difficulties, in face of
 IRRITABILITY; morning; waking, on
 IRRITABILITY; sadness, with
 LAUGHING; desires
 LIGHTNESS, feeling of
 MALICIOUS, spiteful, vindictive
 OCCUPATION, diversion; amel.
 OBSTINATE, headstrong; resists wishes of others
 RAGE, fury; cursing, with
 RESTLESSNESS, nervousness; pacing back and forward
 SADNESS, despondency, dejection, mental depression, gloom, melancholy
 SADNESS, despondency, dejection, mental depression, gloom, melancholy; anxious
 SADNESS, despondency, dejection, mental depression, gloom, melancholy; grief; with
 SADNESS, despondency, dejection, mental depression, gloom, melancholy; preoccupied
 SADNESS, despondency, dejection, mental depression, gloom, melancholy; silent
 SADNESS, despondency, dejection, mental depression, gloom, melancholy; talk, indisposed to
 SADNESS, despondency, dejection, mental depression, gloom, melancholy; weeping; with
 SENSITIVE, oversensitive; criticism, to
 SENSITIVE, oversensitive; emotional
 SENSITIVE, oversensitive; external impressions, to all
 SENSITIVE, oversensitive; light, to
 SENSITIVE, oversensitive; noise, to
 SENSITIVE, oversensitive; odors, to
 SENSITIVE, oversensitive; surprise, to slight
 SHRIEKING, screaming, shouting
 SHRIEKING, screaming, shouting; anger, during
 SHRIEKING, screaming, shouting; hysteria, in
 SHRIEKING, screaming, shouting; joy, from
 SHRIEKING, screaming, shouting; pain, with the
 SHRIEKING, screaming, shouting; trembling, with
 STARTING, startled; noise, from
 SUICIDAL disposition; thoughts
 SUFFERING; intense
 SYMPATHY, compassion; desire for
 SYMPATHETIC, compassionate
 SYMPATHETIC, compassionate; misfortune of others, greatly affected by
 TALK, talking, talks; desires to, to some one
 TALK, talking, talks; indisposed to, desire to be silent, taciturn
 THINKING; complaints, of; agg.
 THOUGHTS; anxious; condition, about, with desire to talk
 THOUGHTS; hurried
 THOUGHTS; outside of body, as if
 THOUGHTS; persistent; waking, on
 TIME; loss of conception of
 WAIT, as if he has to
 WEEPING, tearful mood
 WEEPING, tearful mood; pains; with
 WRONG; things of which she only thinks
 BENDING head, on; forward
 LOOKING; downward
 NAUSEA; with
 RIGHT, swaying toward; in a circle
 RISING; seat, from a
 FOG, brain feels as if surrounded by
 HAIR; affections of; greasy
 TIRED feeling
 Head pain
 GENERAL; eating; during
 GENERAL; drinking; cold drinks; amel.
 GENERAL; motion; agg.; quick
 GENERAL; waves of pain
 LOCALIZATION; Forehead; eyes; behind eyes
 LOCALIZATION; Forehead; nose, above root of
 LOCALIZATION; Sides; right
 LOCALIZATION; Temples; left
 LOCALIZATION; Temples; right
 CUTTING, darting, stabbing
 PAIN; burning
 PAIN; stitching; needles, as if thrust into eyeball
 TWITCHING; lids; left
 BLURRED; headache; before
 COLORS; eyes, before the; variegated
 SPOTS; bright
 CATARRH; post-nasal
 ENLARGED sensation
 HEAT; flushes
 HEAT; chin
 SWELLING; eyes; under
 DRYNESS; Tongue
 PAIN; burnt, as if
 STICKY, viscid; Tongue
 CHOKING, constricting
 CHOKING, constricting; breathing, when
 PAIN; general; morning; waking, on
 PAIN; general; right
 PAIN; general; swallowing; on
 PAIN; general; extending to; stomach
 SWELLING; Tonsils
 APPETITE; constant
 APPETITE; easy satiety; hunger, in spite of great
 APPETITE; eat, with inability to
 APPETITE; increased, hunger in general
 APPETITE; insatiable
 APPETITE; nibbling
 APPETITE; ravenous, canine, excessive
 ERUCTATIONS; General; eating; while
 NAUSEA; waves, in
 PAIN; General; eating; after; amel.
 VOMITING; General; respiratory symptoms, with
 DIARRHEA; burns after
 DIARRHEA; seashore, while at
 BURNT, as if
 URINATION; frequent
 URINATION; frequent; night
 PAIN; General; right
 PAIN; burning; urination; after
 BLOODY; clots
 COLOR; greenish; green as grass
 PAIN; cramping
 PAIN; cramping; Uterus
 PAIN; spasmodic
 SEXUAL desire; increased
 Speech and  voice
 VOICE; hoarseness; sudden
 ACCELERATED; lying down, while
 DIFFICULT;homeopathic anxiety remedies, from
 DIFFICULT; heart; complaints, in
 DIFFICULT; pain; during
 DIFFICULT; inspiration
 IMPEDED, obstructed
 FORENOON; ten am.-noon
 NIGHT; waking from the cough
 TEMPERATURE, change of
 EXPAND; as if expanded
 ITCHING; Mammae
 PAIN; General; Heart
 PAIN; General; Heart; moving; agg.
 PAIN; General; Mamma
 PAIN; General; touched, when
 PAIN; aching
 PAIN; sticking; heart
 PALPITATION heart; lying, while
 SPASMODIC motion in
 SWELLING; Axilla; Glands
 PAIN; general; lying, while
 PAIN; general; motion; on
 PAIN; general; sitting, while; amel.
 PAIN; general; stool; after; amel.
 PAIN; general; warmth, external; amel.
 PAIN; general; extending to; upward
 PAIN; general; Cervical region
 PAIN; general; Lumbar region
 PERSPIRATION; Cervical region
 COLDNESS; ice, like ice in spots
 COLDNESS; Fingers; tips; icy
 HEAVINESS, tired limbs
 NUMBNESS; Upper Limbs; left; heart disease, in
 NUMBNESS; Fingers
 TINGLING, prickling, asleep; Upper
 TINGLING, prickling, asleep; Upper Limbs; left
 Extremity pain
 UPPER LIMBS; left; heart symptoms, with
 UPPER LIMBS; Shoulder; left
 UPPER LIMBS; Shoulder; extending to; back
 UPPER LIMBS; Shoulder; extending to; neck
 UPPER LIMBS; Thumb; right
 LOWER LIMBS; lying; while
 LOWER LIMBS; sciatica; left
 LOWER LIMBS; sciatica; right
 LOWER LIMBS; walking; amel.
 ACHING; Lower Limbs
 PAIN; CRAMP, like; Leg
 LONG, too
 SLEEPLESSNESS; midnight; before
 SLEEPLESSNESS; worries, due to
 WAKING; midnight; after; four am.
 WAKING; frequent; dreams, from
 HEAT in general
 MORNING; waking, on
 COLDNESS, external, with
 PERSPIRATION in general
 ODOR; sour
 ERUPTIONS; pimples; watery
 SENSITIVENESS; pressure, to
 AFTERNOON, one pm.-six pm.; two pm.
 AIR; open; amel.
 EATING; after; amel.
 EATING; frequent
 FOOD and drinks; fresh food, desires
 FOOD and drinks; fruit; desires
 FOOD and drinks; meat; desires; smoked
 FOOD and drinks; pickles; desires
 FOOD and drinks; sour, acids; desires
 FOOD and drinks; sweets; desires
 HEAVINESS; internally; Bones
 MOTION; agg.; at beginning of
 NUMBNESS; unilateral; right
 PAIN; aching
 PAIN; waves, in
 STIFFNESS, rigidity; Muscles
 SUN, from; amel.
 SWELLING; right side, on
 SWELLING; puffy, oedematous
 TREMBLING; anxiety; from
 TREMBLING; emotions; after
 WEAKNESS, enervation; morning; waking, on
 WOUNDS; infected
 WOUNDS; old; pains, in


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